Hair Story

I was not born in a 'dandan' family. The girls in my family are so 'bodo amat'.

We don't spend 2 hours in the morning to put our foundation, concealer and shading powder, we don't always visit beauty salon prior to any social event, we don't do manicure regularly, we don't do body treatment regularly.

Even the men in this family don't really like dandan girl. My brother even restricted me to wear lipstick on my prom nite. My uncle told his wife to wipe her make up off. My father does not have the time to wait the girls to do dandan stuff. My BF stared deeply into my eyes when I wore eye liner and asked me to get rid of those lines.

My Mom aware of the situation. Therefore, during my High School break, she put me into a grooming school. OQ Grooming School. She expected me to be a little bit dandan. And yes, thank you Robby Tumewu for the puff dress sugestion, Ayu Dyah Pasha for telling me how to draw my brow and Okki Asokawati for the pearl accesories suggestion(??). The grooming school went okay. Afterwards, I became the only girl in the family with the best eye brow drawing skill.

But the mood swings so fast here. Sometimes I like to dandan and sometimes I dont feel like it. And mostly, the last remains. I never brush my hair properly. I don't have my own sisir. I always take it from my sister or mother. This turned to be very bad behaviour. I used to have a straight hair but since I don't feel like to brush or comb it... It is turning to be KERITING!!! KRIBO!!! My friend once told me that I look like Renegade!! ahahha.

Now, I think Im a big girl that needs to put more attention to my appearance. I took a huge step of asking my friend, what is her secret of having such a lovely hair. And her answer is.. simply.. hair straightening!!

So I did some research on that and come to conclusion that Braun or Babyliss product will be good for a beginner like me. I think Im gonna give them a chance. I've asked my BF to get it home to be taken here. And surprisingly after showing the after straightened hair pictures, he said he's gonna buy me one! Oh crap so my hair is really that bad? :'(


astried&benget said...

dahulu pas SMP rambutku masih lurus spt jalan tol..ehhh, pas udahannya jd kriting2 (emang dr emak sih), tp kayanya krn suka gwe iket2 ala mbok2 juga deh nit, trus sm males nyisir..hohohohoo


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