Just Not My Day

1. wrongly decided to terminate my post-paid card;
2. now I will be charged for receiving phone call;
3. and cannot communicate well with him or her;
4. fastnet has problem in Indo;
5. we cannot chat well;
6. it's day 23 of the month;
7. and also our 1 year and 9 month monthliversary (?);
8. supposedly not too important since we are not on those celebrating age now;
9. but Im kinda sad;
10. asked him to come by this weekend;
11. cannot do;
12. got a fuckin presentation tomorrow;
13. clueless;
14. feel that same paranoia;
15. killing me.


astried&benget said...

sabar ya beb :)

dian said...

dont be sad dear..... life is like a road and river. Be more powerful and tough.Just remember yourself at the beginning and look at yourself now :P

Luv u


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