My office at Jakarta uses MSN messenger to communicate, from trainee to founder. I always put the contacs on different groups. As it's a messenger, surely, I would not forget to put my personal contacs there and mix works with pleasure for sure. Talking about groups at MSN, the first group I put is: !TAMI (not to forget the exclamation and the capital character so that it will comes first) (oh well... obviously work stuff is not my top priority ehuaeau) the second group is @coworkers wich contains the trainee II, my batch. The third one is @LxS for the LxS lawyer and staff. It continues to my high school group, diritto group, friends and lastly, LxS partners.

Time does inevitably steal everything you have, including your colleague. For the sake of efficiency, I have to drag people from one group to another i.e.: @LxS to friends when a senior resigned or from @coworkers to friends when he/she is no longer around. It is very sad. I hate it.

The first drag I did was subesequent to LxS elimination day. Before the day, there were 11 contacts on my @coworkers' group. 11 trainees. On that monday, 26 June 2006, 6 contacts have to be dragged to the friends' group. :( Afterwards, the dragging activity kept on happen and it is sad enough when you have to drag your well respected seniors to your friends' group.

This morning, I have to drag another contact from my @coworkers' group. I have to drag the Sonador. She's the mother goose of us. She's our encyclopedia, diary and also dictionary. I sadly saw my list. There are only two of them left. My 'at-the-beginning gank' is no longer there. Well, I guess, life is a road I wanna keep going. Hard, hard, hard. :(



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