Friend Test

I don't need any Facebook nor Tickle application to test my friends. It's all just virtual propaganda.

The situation: Today is my BF birthday and I kinda late to realized I haven't thought anything for him. Yes, I gave him a birthday cadeu a few weeks ago, but I havent prepared anything for the D-day. As a good GF, a long distance GF, I planned to order birthday cake or whatever to be sent to his home/office. It's quite a simple and cliche idea.

The problem: Even though Singapore is not that far and I can always do internet banking, finding a cakery shop online is not always that easy and I accidentally forgot to bring my phone. Thus communication is limited to email correspondence and not messengger.

The alternative solution: Find some bestfriends, email them and ask them to do a favor.

The result: I emailed some friends that I thought were the best and ask them favor. Surprisingly, no one promptly, adequately and effectively replied . Gosh... This is a test. (Please bear in mind that the persons intended in this post is not you Acid and Marjie... I am aware of our situation yesterday :)) Frankly, I am dissapointed. I was not randomly ask you to help me guys! I also considered your office locations. Oh, come on! Are you really that busy? Is it so hard to just pick a phone, order something and go downstair to do an ATM transfer? Until the end of working day yesterday, I was clueless. At home, I log in to my messenger. None of the besties asked about my request of help. :s until I opened a conversation with my friend from college. A very talented lawyer, works in a law firm, key-note speaker in many seminars, very busy.

Nita: hei moy.. lg apa?
Tjems: lg pusing
Nita: hehe kenapa?
Tjems: biasa masalah kantor hehee knapipa nit?
(i love this. no basa basi taik. straight forward)
Nita: nggak moy tdnya mau minta tlg kl ga sibuk. besok tuh balbalbalabal...
Tjems: oh.. gampang itu.. mau dikirim kemana? kuenya apa?
Nita: seriuss? mau nalangin dulu nih?
Tjems: iya.. gampang
Nita: ok, pokoknya kuenya kue coklat dan dikirim ke balbalabla
Tjems: ok, Nit, bentar gue telpun aja deh gue musti pergi nih.

A few minutes later, she called me. International call. To help me on buying a stupid cake. So, I called her back and did a little chat. Isn't she helpful?

I remember a few years ago at my skripsi time, she was also the one who gave me hands. Just simple things like accompanied me to meet my scary mentor etc. At the celebration of my graduation, I chose a few friends that I thought deserve to have a little treat. I ordered them special drink. And I gave her Sex on the Beach. :)

Dodo, you are so damn lucky to have her.
Tam, your birthday have enlightened me. Of making me aware which friend is the best and showing me that the rest is just ordinaire.


astried&benget said...

OMG! puspi... kmrn kita b2 seharian di luar.. maap yaa.. jadinya gmn? bday cake? flower? kamu manis skali ya sayang..:-*

wiratama said...

Kepik...makasih yah buat semuanya...:)

das said...

1.aku ada di jakarta waktu itu.
2.aku punya m banking
3.desa cidokom,bogor punya toko kueh instead of sate pak kumis.
4.ada atm bca/mandiri udh msk desa
5.nita bs ditelpon jam 10 mlm wkt itu.

I would help dear...sayangnya i failed ur sorry


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