The Kumis Bridal Shoes

As posted before, I found my bridal shoes!

I decided not to be trapped in the vicious circle of bridal thingies. I don't listen to the Tukang Kain that says: "Dilebihin aja Bu brokat-nya, untuk selop" or the persuation of the kebaya maker "Nanti selopnya berapa centi?" even if the kebaya maker says "kalo bikin semua kebaya-nya di aku bonus selop". Blah. Totally blah!

My point of view is this:

  1. selop pengantin HANYA akan dipakai SEKALI saja. At least for me. Does anyone want or plan to use the wedding kebaya for any kondangan? Not me. Thus, practically, those lovely selop will only be used, once;

  2. even if the kebaya maker is good on multi-tasking by also being selop maker (which is probably not.. they sub-con it to other party), there is still a chance of error in the making.. i.e.: hak-nya miring. By buying it in the dept. store, once u don't like it, u can always ditch it; and

  3. i hate the jargon of "come on, it's your wedding and it (hopefully) will be the one and only" from vendors.

This is it. Not too special, the white thing in the pic is some kind of fake diamond or crystal or i don't care. Part of seserahan from Tumbe and that makes it free. It matchs with the black Next clutch given by him.

I'll use this for the reception. In practice, people don't really notice on your shoes.

Saya pilih sepatu yang ada kumis-nya (pitanya kayak kumis hihih) karena lusa, saya pilih yang ada kumisnya!


wulan said...

kumis kucing...hahahaha..

Anggiara said...

ahahaha pilih kumis neng.. toss ah!
btw, ide lo bener juga bu.. skalian ada alesan bwat beli spatu baru, ;)

Nita said...

toss! yoi.. asas pelit dan bermanfaat ajah nggi :)

mecaonic said...

hihihihi.. stubuhhh!!!
eh, stujuhhhh :D

hihi, salam kenallll ya mbak nita...
nice blog anywayy...
sukaaaaa :D


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