Souvenir Done!


At last.. Sitting in my corner and transferring some pics accompanied by My Mother's roti misjes tipis :D
I don't know where to start! Oh my! Let's start with souvenirs.

On Saturday, we hit Pasar Mester. Wuhuuu... Kali ini bawa supir. Daripada ada aral melintang. Combination of hell and heaven Pasar Mester is. It is hotter than hell, but the price keeps me in heaven. Hanya dalam 1/2 jam saja, urusan suvenir beres sudah. Tumbe bersimbah keringat.

Beginilah kira2 suvenir resepsinya. Just perfect! It goes along with our wedding colour theme, it's simple, small and has the java aura. What's inside the box? I won't tell u! Not because I want to surprise y'all.. it's a mass product anyway :D but I want u to feel the heat.. there.. inside the market!

With regard to the mass product thingy, don't worry I'll do something to personalize it. I hate mass product too.

We also suceeded to buy the akad nikah souvenir. Pink with cherry on top... What that might be? Now they are sitting at my mother's bedroom, inviting mosquitos.

Oh, please mind my bad manicured nail. I don't recommend Kuma*ri salon adjacent to RSP*.


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

sekilas kaya kursi batik kecil cik..

Nita said...

Kok kursi batik kecil amat bumbabi?


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