Infidelity Act

Our plan yesterday was to have the best nasi goreng kambing in Jakarta after work. Too bad the device blinked at 5.57 p.m and that caused me to be home at 12.30 a.m.

During the work, I observe my friend(s) behaviour(s). They are couple (and they are cute). I popped out a rhetorical question to them "is there anything better than this? having your boyfriend/girlfriend at the office?". They both grinned. Then I wondered. What a fabulous life it is when you are forced to work until late and you have your BF next to you and you can always giggle together. Ah, what a life.

After a pretty long work and curse I went to the place where I belong. This messy room. There, on the floor, is my phone. Lying down peacefully due to the vibration of 12 missed calls and 3 sms from Tumbe. Accusing that I must have been doing some kind of infidelity act that night since he failed to reach me both my cell and my office phone.

Some people would probably get annoyed by such accusation. Especially when they are tired. But, I proudly declared that I'm not! I replied the text and tried to call him back. Of course he had fallen asleep. So, I went home by taxi and told my mother about the funny story of Tumbe getting jealous. And I said to myself, what a wonderful life...


.Dinda. said...

kamu kebanyakan gebetan di kantor sih nit :))
kidding tumbe..
nita anak baik..aku mengawasi nya


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