Will Miss Moneypenny!

I just don't dare to talk and say these things face to face. I think it's the ego talking.

The fact is:

  1. we like to scream each other;
  2. we like to merengut to each other;
  3. u dont like it if I ask u to do something like open/close the curtain;
  4. i dont like to be asked to do something too like open/close the window;
  5. we both are not drama queen;
  6. but our lives are filled with drama;
  7. we both dont really like make up;
  8. and therefore our mom doesn't like it;
  9. we are good allies;
  10. we secretly rrr... dislike 'the annoying voice';
  11. but then we can do nothing :D;
  12. we are stubborn;
  13. i love you;
  14. and you love me.

Take care Mbak, I know u can beat the winter wind there. Call me when u need anything. Just like what I did when I was in Singapore. I will do anything. You know that. I'm on your back.

The Lebaran days won't be fun without u.

The wedding preparation period that I've been longing for also won't be that fun anymore.

But I know we'll have fun on November-December.

Sigh, it's been a while since our last trip to mall or beauty parlour. Let's do it this weekend and ignore the Siaga I status of Jakarta.

Moneypenny, U, just like our mother, are the best!


wulan said...

miss moneypenny akhirnya berangkat senin yaa??wahhh gak jadi ketemuan di Bandara nih..hihihihi


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