I'm Wondering:

  1. What's my sister doing right now? I can't reach her through both her YM! and BBM. Just had a dream about her last night. How romantic is that?

  2. I can see Maritza has a good figure. U go baby girl!

  3. Why my very own kaastengels tastes like terigu instead of cheese? I put lotsa Edam cheese in it. Even more than the recipe.

  4. What would I do with our future 2x2 m bathroom?

  5. Can we afford to have a home-office (You know.. Like our fathers have, a desk with papers on it) in our tiny miny bitsy house?

Ah hah! Randomness! Guess the holiday season's vibe is taking control and I'm surely on autopilot mode. :D

Have a blast Lebaran! Minal aidin walfaidzin!

Btw, karena pita di Grand Indonesia nggak ada yang berwarna shocking pink dan kecil, jadilah cookies tahun ini tak berpita. Eh.. tapi sebentar. Apa itu sehelai pita hijau putih di lantai? Ahh.. pita tahun lalu! Hore! Cookies-ku berpita [dapet dari lantai dan sisa tahun lalu]. Buset, jorok jugak.

See u!



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