Sushi at 50 cents


Friday, my Body Sculpting day!

Since it was really hot out there, I decided to just stay at home and do some unimportant things. Sooo unimportant until I forgot to eat. I only ate 1 huge portion of spaghetti and.. thats all.. Being in hurry to catch the free shuttle bus from my campus to the main campus, I could not get anything to eat. So I starved (almost to death)..

Hoo shit.. this Body Sculpting exercise would be so tiring and I would be found dead at the jumping jack session if I could not grab something to my mouth.. gulp gulp... a glass of water might help. Hell no! Im not a supermodel who get satisfaction by a glass of water!! oh shit.. Dinda is already there.. Walk walk walk!

Waiting at the bus stop for almost 10 minutes.. Ah.. If only I made those kaya bread and bring it here :(

Reaching the locus walked a little bit hurry. It was already 6 o'clock.

On our way to the gym, we saw something luxurious... Japanese Stall!! (I cannot afford Japanese Food) And there were the small banners. Sushi, nigiri, maki, roll, 50 cents each.. without any further consideration, we stopped there (so that Dinda can put her shoes on.. haha kambing hitam) and I grabbed some sushis. It looked like TV champion show haha... Not finished yet. Arghh, I'll take it home!

At the jumping jack session... those unagis and salmons were already on our necks. I knew its a bad idea to eat 1 minute before exercise.. but who can resist 50 cents sushi?

However, we survived until the cooling down session.

Thinking about a classic date in this main campus. Eat some cheap good foods, cold beers (nah he cant take beer), walk under the sun, go to the library, eat some scoops of cheap ice cream.. Who needs orchard road, holland village and clarke q?

I cannot wait for him to come (putting the cheap nigiri into my mouth at my bed)
*) im sorry about the pic, it has no corelation with the content of the blog but I just kinda like it



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