Lo Hei

The tradition here on Chinese New Year is to celebrate day 7 of the new year. On that day, every Chinese are having their birthday. So, there were me and my mom.. greeting happy birthday to every chinese we met. We went to a restaurant at Bukit Merah with Auntie and her friends to celebrate their birthdays. If before we only saw it on TV, that day, we join the LO HEI lunch. We pulled the veggie as high as possible so that we will be prosperous, happy, healthy and beautiful :D We have to cry "LO HEI LO HEI LO HEI" loudly. What a tradition!
I think, one of the best things of renting a room in Singapore is to know other nations' traditions even though your stomach cannot take another cup of shark fin soup anymore, or Burmish food is too sour for you, or Vietnam food sometime smells too fishy and cold, or yeah you need to put a dash of salt into your Singapore food and in the extreme scenario you have to pretend that the food is delicious, you bring it to your room put the food into plastic bag and throw it away.


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

LO HEI auntie nita..LO HEI..hehe


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