Yahoo Status

Align with my mood today, I changed my YM status quite frequently. First, invisible. Second, available. Third, "Pahlawan H.M Soeharto" with busy icon. Fourth, invisible. Then, available. Afterwards, something happened with my blog. It turned to be classic blogger. As a gaptek blogger, I got panick (really, even my palms sweat). Call me Drama Queen, but I can't cope with today's drama. So I changed my status into "BETE BERAT!!" capital character. And after the panick attack, it seems that Mercury, Hermes or other God of Knowledge came and hit my head. I was able to convert the fuckin classic blogger into new blogger and I still have my shoutbox :D. Happy, I changed the status to "sudah tidak bete lagi :D". And the best part is.. some of my friends popped out, simultaneously.

Txxx Cxxxxxx: dan sudah tidak takut lagi

Axxxx Nxxxxxxx: nah
Axxxx Nxxxxxx: statusnya sekarang lebih menyenangkan

Wxxxx: gitu dong

Rxxx Lxxxx: happy for u

lxx!: darlin'
puspita hendra sari: ya
lxx!: aku blum pulang niyyy
puspita hendra sari: ok
lxx!: mari kita ngubril lagi yuuu...
lxx!: masih bete yak...??----> yang ini rada telat menyadari situasi hihih i love u lay!

Finally, one happiness. At least I have friends who care to see my Yahoo Status. Thank u :)


astried&benget said...

loh mana shoutboxnya? kan kmrn sudah tjd pembimbingan? hehehe

Nita said...

sudah kembali seperti sediakala cid hehehe aku hebat!!

astried&benget said...

kamu hebaatt! :-*


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