Maroon5 and My Mom

I asked my mom to watch my first love, adam levine, on youtube. So, there was the conventional debate between me and her. I told her that he's sexy but she did not agree. Always like that. Will Smith to me is hot while according to her, he's ndower.

As we watched him, I told my mom that he's coming to Singapore. Suddenly she urged me to go find a ticket for the concert. And I denied. No way the ticket is more that $100. I dont wanna waste our money.. even to watch a very sexy man on stage. And there was the second debate.. She was so upset because I've been too irit.

The Bangkok trip.. failed, the KL trip, failed.. the dream bag has gone.. I told u to buy the jeans and u were mad at me. What are u doing? Do u wanna waste ur time? Come on.. go buy the ticket.. ask Tami to go with u.. or DF... go ask marjie to buy u the bag, go to paragon and buy the jeans (especially the jeans coz u said they dont have it in Indonesia). I dont know what happen with u. Dont be too pelit..balabla

Tears were just about to drop. No no no I cant cry in front of her. Oh my God. She's like... the best!! :'( a very cool 64 year old single mother who has been struggling for more than half of her age for her children. I regret that Im her last :'( I love u Mah...


de-ef said...

see nit?? come and watch the concert!! it'll be fun! cis just called me and he wants to buy the ticket..make ur mom happy hehehe..(but i think u'll be happier if u watch maroon 5 live!) so?? :)

ps: u have one great mom :)

astried&benget said...

puspi, dont be too pelit lah, nikmatih nit! buat kawin? buat beli apt? hihihihi :D

I love u too, tante :-*


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