Golden Mushroom Soup

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What You Need:

  1. Golden Mushroom;
  2. Egg;
  3. Tomato;
  4. Soya sauce;
  5. Garlic;
  6. Oil;
  7. Plain Water;
  8. Salt n Pepper;
  9. Luck.
What You Have To Do:

  1. Fry the garlic until it becomes brownishy;
  2. put the cut tomato;
  3. pour the plain water and wait until it boils, turn the fire down;
  4. put salt and pepper and also the soya sauce;
  5. and the golden mushroom;
  6. stir the egg down.
Taraaa.. period. good vegetarian soup without any MSG.


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

asik..dapet spagheti..golden mushroom soup sama choco bol..2 enak 3 sempurna...:)

Nita said...

hahahhaha.. makasih lohhh mau jadi kelintjiputi percobaan hahah.. 2 enak 3 sempurna lagih hahah


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