Library 12.23 p.m

Just got back to reality last night.
Genting was... Tacky!

So here I am..
with this stupid Doha things,
kaya bread, and
(oh shit! I spent my SGD 1.10 for this stupid kratingdaeng.. stupid redbull!)

I've been here since this morning and produced one sentence. Yes, one lovely sentence.
Stupid! Stupid!
The idea is to chat with my sister, or browse some bags, or do a little bit stalking, or check emails ONLY WHEN I AM BORED.
But das sein? Open these stupid books ONLY WHEN I AM BORED of doing the above mentioned.

I need more pressure.. more pressure.. more pressure please! I only work under pressure! Stupid pressure!

Aw.. isn't that drama? I love drama!


Le Drama Queen

P.S.: The mother of le boyfriend just called a couple of minutes ago. And as a polite student in a stupid library, I lowered my voice "oh nggak tante.. lagi di perpustakaan kok.."
Haha! Have I just made a good image, unintentionally?


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

le drama queen le petit le pretty
hehehe..kerjain kepik jangan males

Nita said...

das solleeeennn...!!! hihihihi

Sari said...


aku belun balik nih dari kantor, tadi abis turun, nyari taksi terus tak ada aja loh... dah malah dingin bner lagi dah... huhuhuhuhuhu...

rambut sekarang dah bak singa dah...

dan ini gua mah bukan ninggalin comment yak malah mau curhat kayanya hahahahhahahahah

Nita said...

iyah sari kamu kok curhat? ehaehiahi


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