My Ms. Moneypenny

If James Bond has his own Moneypenny, so do I..
But of course this Moneypenny would never has sexual intention to me hahaha!
She became my Moneypenny since I was soo little.
She told me not to give the other kids chocolate because she knew they were just ngelecein me.
She made my jadwal pelajaran and post it at my study table.
She called my friends in the morning to ask whether there is any homework or not for me to do that day.
She is the one who can make the most authentic false signature.
She also has the best solution when I broke my giok bangle (haha!) by applying UHU glue plus asked me to record my voice in a tape so that our mom would know that I broke it. Sungguh bertanggung jawab!
Yesterday, my Moneypenny (like always) gave another best shot for me by scanning and sending me the certificates and other administrative things that I need.
I love my Moneypenny!
Who is gonna give birth soon!


gajah manis&baik hati said...

nit..asek banget moneymoney lo?mau jg dong punya...

siapa sih dia, blm sempet buka blognya hehe

Nita said...

kakakku mirr

astried&benget said...

dan aku yg paling sering ditanya mba ninit ada peer apa hr ini cid? pelajaran apa? :D

Neng MarJie said...

enaknya jd anak bungsu memang demikian cido :)

Phiphi said...

Nita...lucky skrg ms monneypenny nya jauh ya..untung ada internet nit..:D (btw, she's telling me the rest of the stories)..


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