A Blah from a Housewife, Prior to 2010

Unlike my outer appearance, I am a well planned person. I love to put schedules on my small agenda. And, sometimes wondering.. What would I put on those dates (special dates like my 17th bday and/or my wedding day). Is it going to be this sign :) or this ugly one :( ? People who does not know me well would probably thinks I'm a very happy go lucky person. A person who goes where the wind blows. My bad. It's my personal branding haha. A New Year gift in the form of free agenda with good quality paper and a perfect size would be very nice. I have received a free agenda from Toyota yesterday. But the size does not fit my needs and I just hate the quality of the paper.

Heyy.. what's with the blahhh?? Inilah akibat menjadi Ibu Rumah Tangga selama seminggu penuh. Hahahah. Belom mandi, nonton tv, makan, bengong, nunggu Tumbe pulang kantor jam 4 sore. Kalo jalan-jalanpun paling pol ke Carrefour or Pondok Indah Mall. Carrefour untuk belanja bulanan dan PIM untuk ke Bank. Terdomestik sedunia.

A Desperate Housewife


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