Been working like a female horse since the minute I entered the office on this Friday, I might deserve to have a random posting :D

  • When we buy sweet martabak, half of it would be chocolate (for the husband) and the rest would be cheese and chocolate (for moi)
  • Prior to important emails, I always send it to the husband for a proof reading session.
  • I always love the way he correspondences, unlike his unstructured daily behaviour, his formal emails are one of the best-structured emails I've ever read.
  • Since the day my daughter started to take solid foods, weekend is never be the same. My heart beats faster on time like this, Friday afternoon, thinking about what to cook tomorrow!
  • This weekend would be Indonesian taste MPASI. I'm thinking of opor ayam and sayur bayem.
  • My lunch was lele goreng and tumis tempe, from Mijn Moeder's house. It's been a while since my last home-made food. And you know what? It's not perfectly fried. So, I still can taste the blood. Believe me, you're not gonna like it.
  • And I'm not gonna take any lele for the next, 3 months?
  • I love Kopi Kapal Api more than Starbucks.
  • I type this list without thinking. Pardon my grammars and thoughts.
  • I honestly still don't understand Mandala. I found it as an average chinese restaurant.
  • I'm gonna make this list until the clock turns to 6.00 and leave.
  • Someday, I'll print our pictures and start to decorate the house.
  • My husband doesn't really know me. He doesn't know that I love to read.
  • That's why when I proposed to have book shelves at the house, he giggled and accused me as if I'm doing a brand imaging of myself.
  • My boo*s are about to explode, but I don't have the mood to express them.
  • Because I'm making this list.
  • Will express them in the car while the husband's driving.
  • Last week, I was driving in the morning. I thought about my belated dear friend, Madame Butterfly, who asked us to pay visits to her mom once she's gone. I had three times goosebumps. When I read our Brunches BBM Group (she used to be one of the members), Dinda said that Madame's Mom text her and say that that day was her 59th birthday and asked us to visit her.
  • There, I dont believe in the saying "Kasih ibu sepanjang masa, kasih anak sepanjang galah." Madame's love to her mother is forever and death is not a barrier.
  • :')
  • Last week, I thought about this random bapak-bapak from the previous office. I don't know him very well, but I missed him. I even planned to twit "From all people in the previous office, I miss Pak A***." A few days afterwards, he got heart attack.
  • Husband got rolled roti abon from Sorong, Papua and it smells nice.
  • I'm ordering my first orchid for Husband's Uwa.
  • With the note saying "Dear Abah Bus and Eyang Ninuk, Have a nice weekend! love, Lituhayu"
  • I once ordered frozen strawberry stuffed to Father and Mother in Law with the following note "Have a nice day Abah and Utik! love, Lituhayu"
  • I think I'm just crazily falling in love with the daughter's name so I love to make notes under her name.
  • I never order sweet things for Mijn Moeder, because she'll think it's a waste of money.
  • How, I love her for that.
  • My sister is the most reliable person in the family. She's the best.
  • Although her crankiness kills me.
  • I'll re-introduce egg yolks to my daughter tomorrow. The last time I introduced it to her, she got diarrhea for almost a month!
  • Sometimes when I see my daughter crawling, she's like a comma. You know, comma shape.. (,)
  • Or, an ulet bulu.
  • I sometimes regret my decision of turning down a job in Singapore.
  • But then, Bintaro is not bad at all.
  • Suburbia, but nice.
  • I need to buy a new swimsuit because the husband didn't let me wear my bikini. Something to do with porno action.
  • 10 minutes left. Before. Weekend.
  • I feel like working for mafia.
  • And that's nice.
  • I always love Godfather.
  • I want to pee.
  • I don't know why I'm writing this in English.
  • The blackberry blinks.
  • Husband is in PP. I'm gonna ask him to buy me a slice of carrot cake.
  • But it costs rp.30rb. You can buy a whole chicken for the whole member in the house with the same price.
  • I don't have any leave right now.
  • But, when I have, I wish we can go to HK or Japan.
  • But, then again, Litu will still be too young at that time.
  • I have bought What to Expect the Second Year.
  • Still like the First Year better though.
  • 4 minutes left.
  • Still need to prepare things for Monday's conference call.
  • But, fakyu.
  • 2 minutes left and I don't have anything left in my mind.
  • So, am gonna pack up and wave good bye to you, laptop.
  • See you next week.
  • Have a nice weekend!
  • :*


PoppieS said...

..... and i love you for writing this. Hihihi..

Eh Pus, gw juga kalo ngantre makan atau apa gitu, apa delivery, apa pesen taksi kalo ditanya "atas nama siapa bu?" pasti sebut nama anak.

Kitalah eibueibu rabid endonesaaaaaaaah, mari kita bergandengtangannnn... *pura2nya jingle*

Nita said...

@Poppoes: waktu nyebut nama anak matanya berbinar nggak? pupil membesar nggak? (ciri2 jatuh cinta ala Majalah Gadis) hihihiihih

pepe said...

waktu itu si uly kasih tau aku kalo si tante ultah, langsung aku telepon, eh seperti diduga, si tante langsung nangis terharu, hadeeeh hehe trus langsung aku alihkan saja, dan kemudian tak lama aku tutup (daripada eike ikutan nangis sesengukkan juga di mari kan?) hehehe btw, did u go to her house? nanti kalo gue udah balik, kita sempatkan satu sesi ke rumah nya deh yah hehe

Nita said...

hiks pepe.. km manis amat.. kita minggu ini kesana nih.. nanti pas kamu balik lagi yuk :)


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