#Inspiration: Madame Butterfly

*mengumpulkan kekuatan sekuat tenaga*

So, #LDS.. Meet one of my bestfriends.. Madame Butterfly.

Madame used to sit next to my cubicle in the law firm. She lived in Bintaro and took bus to the office and appeared to be the trendiest lawyer. During the long hours job, she managed to took afternoon English classes to improve her English under her own cost. That, my daughter, is what we called hard work.

After working together for several years, she got a better offer and work as an in-house-lawyer. Have I mentioned, that she was the backbone of the family. Oh, yes she was.

She looked very happy working in the new place. She took helicopter to Semanggi area and sat in the backseat of a Camry from the office. For a person as glamorous as Madame, she deserved it. Oh, she really deserved it.

Even though we are not working under one roof, we still managed to have brunches together. Of course, she's the one who arranged everything. From the venues to dresscodes. She is the kind of girl that never talk bad about others. She smiled and made jokes about what we (other girls) bitched about, but never talk about others (except socialites and celebrities and socialites lawyer).

Things went beautiful. She went to Europe and we enjoyed her stories at one of our cooking-together-sessions (none of us can cook, so the cooking part was quite a mess. We had lunch at 5 p.m hahaha)

Until, christmas 2010. She got cancer. Lung cancer.

After dealing with herself, she told us about her sickness. We arranged a pretty brunch asap at Luna Negra. There she was, looking radiant. With skinny jeans, chic blouse, belt, well groomed eyebrow, accesories and.. High heels. On another brunch at Ocha Bella she whispered "Pus, gue mau ke toilet nih, pinjem sendal dong. Kata dokter, gue nggak boleh jatoh nih. Jangan sampai aku kepeleset gara2 hak tinggi ini hahaha." A girl should be two things: classy and fabolous ~ Coco Chanel.

Months went by. She took her treatments without one single complaint to us, to her family. None. We offered to join her radiation theraphy, but she refused. It was always "It's okay, I still can handle this." I offered to accompany her to Singapore for her treatments, she said "Okay" but that never happened. She loved her mother very much, she didn't want her mother to join her doctor visits. Either she went all by herself, with trendy summer dresses, sipped her dose of Starbucks, asked someone to take picture and sent it to the group with caption: "Pixie girl ke Singapur dulu yaa.." continued with pictures of her standing in front of Marina Bay Sands, Museums etc. On her Singapore trips, she always shopped. And when confusion attacked, she would send us the pictures to us, in the group. One time, I accompanied her on the waiting room to see her Oncologist. She went there alone, just with her driver. A strong girl indeed.

Believe it or not, every time we met her we became more and more optimistic. Unfortunately, in contrary with her conditions. But, to her, there is no bad days. We worried when she gave us no news and each of us would bbm her "Ndang.. Tau nggak sih. Aku kemarin begini begini" as a pick up line. And she would replied "Haalooo.." (on her signature style) and discussed about the topic we offered. Even when the tumours metastasized to her brains, she bbmed us with a serious tone by saying "Guys, kalo gue udah nggak ada, tolong liatin nyokap gue ya.." :')

She was hospitalized many times. And, everytime we gave her visits we really had good laughs. One time, she was out of breath. She was rushed to ER due to her unability to breathe. So there she was, breathing with oxygen mask and still shared her socialite news to us. That time was the socialite lawyer :) She was out of breath until her Mom asked her to stop talking for a while or.. at least to lower the speed :))) Talking about hardworking, during her hospitalized days, she invited her team to had a meeting in the hospital. During her better days, she still went to the office to work. I am a proud ex-colleague.

Have I told you that she is the most unselfish people I know? One night, she couldn't breathe and rushed to ER. The next day, I paid her a visit. And you know what? She asked me to take something from the drawer "Nit, itu di laci ada baju Cicu." Dibungkus rapih, and it was not even your birthday. Kebayang nggak? Disaat kesulitan bernafas jam 2 pagi, dia menyempatkan untuk minta ibu-nya bawain bingkisan hadiah? And what's inside the box was the Winnie the Pooh long sleeve jumper you wore on her last night.

I, myself, never heard any ouch from her. None. From the very beginning to the end. What I understand is she put this word "Via Dolorosa" as her BB status. According to this, it means way og grief/suffering :(

Madam is truly a social butterfly. No wonder, her personality supports her to be one. She's always been a cheerful person. Until her last day.

Oh, have I mentioned about being a fighter? She is, so far, the best fighter I've known. One night, when Cicu was asleep on her Winnie the Pooh long sleeves from Aunty Butterfly, the news spreaded. The Madam passed away. The blackberry blinked all night long, with a conclusion. It was a false alarm! She, once again, fight! So I tweet, "Fighterrr!", with proud.

We visited her first thing in the morning. You guys may not believe, but she was there, laying in the bed, in her worst condition and talked! Didi was lucky, he came earlier. Didi talked about the heat in the room and Madam pointed at the aircon remote. Never been a selfish person, she is. Her last sentence for me was "Hai Nit.. Thanks ya.." Daymmm... On her last day, she still very polite and sweet. :')

Her choir friends told me that they still took pictures with her and she made this victory sign and tried to smile. Victory..

The Fighter ended her battle that night, and it was not a false alarm.

When I came to her house, it was packed of her family and friends. I know people who gets married with the help of friends, I know people who throws parties with the help of friends. That day, I experienced a funeral managed, coordinated and held by friends. From food, drinks, ambulance to graveyard. Madame never want to bother her mother. Thus, it's her friends who made her funeral. :')

Rest in peace, Madame. You've thaught us a lot!

At her funeral, her friends knew. That Madame would not want her friends to be sad. Thus, they tried not to cry. They performed Madame's signature smile. You know, bibir kebuka sedikit dagu ditarik, mata menatap kamera. Sweetness!

We went to her house a few days before fasting month to greet her mother. Her mother said that her relatives asked to her "Apalah yang Boru kau itu perbuat? Kenapa teman-temannya masih saja berdatangan?"

To me, her personality is flawless. Really. I can see no flaw.

Check this out from Bito.

After you read my blog post, please do send her a prayer. Al Fatihah..

P.S.: Oh, by the way, Aunty Butterfly attended your babyshower. You got her blessings.


Pitta said...

sedih banget nita.. aku bolak balik nelen ludah krn tercekat :( pasti madame butterfly udah berada di tempat yang indah banget sekarang :')

oya, happy belated birthday ya nit.. God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

Madame Butterfly is such an inspiring woman, kirim alfatihah :)

Anonymous said...

Alfatihah. :) u such a good person.a good writers,nita

pepe said...

God bless her! Ah madame pasti senang pus kamu buat postingan khusus tentang dirinya di blog salah seorang blogger termasyur ibu kota :)))

Miranti said...

Baca posting an kamu soal Rondang di tengah malam begini membuatku menitikkan air mata.

Cicu must be inspired by your story about her.

Sending my prayers to Madame :)

Icut said...

tulisanmu dengan suksesnya bikin aku sesenggukan di cubicle pagi-pagi di jam kerja puspiii :'(

PoppieS said...


May she rests in peace.

dee said...

...walad dhoolin...Aamiin...

pas mau ngetik comment br sadar air mataku bertetesan di keyboard :(((

May she rest in peace, thanks for the post mba Nit

Fry said...

Temenmu ini pasti akan jadi inspirasi buat semua orang deh nit. Luar biasa orang-orang kayak gini yaa.. Gak heran kalo dia disayang sama semua temen-temennya :)

Semoga dia diberikan tempat terbaik di sana :)


Nita said...

@all: thanks for your prayers..I can see her smile reading your comments. *peluk*

Tiessa said...

Nit! Gue jadi berkaca-kaca lagi teringat my Bitoooo :(.

Anonymous said...

such an inspiration ....



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