Bapak Yoyok and My Paper

My template answer on every interview on my entire life:

Interviewer: "So, tell me about urself!"
Me: "Okay, I come from a legal-background-family. Both my parents are blabala, my bro is a blablabal, and my sister is (my favorite explanation) a legal drafter on State Cabinet Secretariat and also an upcoming public notary. Not only my siblings, my inlaws are also have legal background.. blabalbala. But that background is not the reason why I choose law as my area of interest (blah!) because we do not talk about work at home and furthermore, they never force me to choose the same area. The reason why Im interested to law is because I found law is more like a game for me (balbaablabal another favorite self-description)."

You know what? It's all template!

Until today, reality bangs (aaass alwaayyss babyy... aaass alwaayyss..) I need to do some land law paper. Clueless, hopeless, brainless, I buzzed one of my inlaws. Asked about some land laws thingies and thanks to good internet and emotional connections between SG-Ina and Me-Bapak Yoyok*... I think I have the whole paper in my mind now! :D

Well, everything shall starts by imaginary thoughts.

*)Bapak Yoyok is Maica's father


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