The History of Me Falling in Love

My first kiss was on my school, kindergarten. In a French way.
Afterwards, I fell and fell in love with lots of guys.

There is this misterious guy which is (i think) my trully first love. I still remember his face and the way we met. It was on our way from Bali-Jakarta at the plane and also the DAMRI ride to Blok M station. I predict, his age was 28 and mine was errr... 4 or 5... He smiled at me everytime I looked at him.. like the whooolee journey. He has belah tengah hair style, a little bit gondrong2 dikit, a little bit sipit sipit dikit, and a little bit kuning kuning dikit.. hoaa! But of course, I have to experience my first broken heart since we didnt see each other afterwards. :(

Back to my elementary school, I always fell to: the basket player, the Ketua Kelas, the naughtiest boy in class, the veteran, the first boy that had circimcission in class (ohh my..). I have 2 boyfriends during those times. And I also had the chance of experiencing my first (oh my god im older than my age back then) Long Distance Relationship because this boyfriend had to move to Balikpapan, and he talked to his bestfriend to "jagain nita ya". And like the cliche love story, my next boyfriend was his bestfriend. The rebellious guy who love to put mirror in his shoes to ngintip the color of all girls undies. How hideous! My bestfriend had her first kiss on those years in Taman Mini while our study trip :( not so romantic.

The next stage is my Junior High School. Whoa! This is the first time I got "dicomblangin" by a friend who was actually liked this guy. I dont like him, he looked like cucumber, but oh well he's the head of the class. That was when I was on the first grade. It lasted for 2 days. Not bad. At the end of my first grade, I got another new boyfriend, he's a senior with rebellious appearance. I was deeeeeply in love with him, but later on I found out that he still had something with his ex girlfriend, another senior, and I ended to become her bestfriend. Drama oh Drama..

At my second year, I was an active and proud "suling player" that makes me had to interact with people outside of my school. There, I fell in love with:

  1. The conductor, 40 y.o and very handsome;

  2. His son, Pangudi Luhur student;

  3. The guitarist, 27 y.o gondrong mampus, loved to wear rings, lots of them.

Only number 2 and 3 called me quite often.

I dont have any boyfriend at my third year. Just some crushes. My favorits are the foreigner techer at ILP, Jay and Yusaf and other gondrong dekil guys and of course.. older than me.

High school treated me badly. Oh not really. The first week I stepped my High School, I had my senior "nembak"me with tamagochi. That was my first love gift. But, I dont like him. He looked like an egg and I think he was too spoiled.

At that time, I was an active Paskibra and LDK. I got a boyfriend from Paskibra. He drove! It was a starlet. Oh wow! :( But my huge crush, senior from Paskibra, never talked to me :( another broken heart.

At the second and third grade, I got my first real boyfriend!! Yesss!!!! The IKJ guy with long permed hair! A ha! He used to be the vocalist of a quite famous band (of course, under the High School perspective). Oh, almost forget, before him I also had another boyfriend, another senior from Paduan Suara, who loved to tweezed his eyebrow and drove Honda Genio. Haha how shallow I was. :(

And then, the college time until today. Im not gonna post about them here. It's not as funny or cute or stupid as the first ones.

Hoa.. I still remember my first love face. I wonder where he is now..


astried&benget said...

puspita? km ini anak nakal, masi kecil udh french2-an.. hahahaha
anak bodohhhhhh...

mira said...

nit...TK lo udah french kiss?Tob markotob.....

Anonymous said...

See Here

Neng MarJie said...

aiih aiih.. kamuna, kembang TKna.. hiehieiehie..nakalna nita cilik

Harry said...

saya lihat di data anda, anda tinggal di Singapore juga?

Interesting story... :-)



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