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In the midst of my attempt to start writing my paper, my bestfriend from college buzzed me. Talked and talked shits we ended to discuss our almamater. Suddenly, I felt the warmth inside me. How I missed those time. The time when sun can shine like whatever it wishes. The time when time has no meaning at all. The time when tour de UI is a hip tour during the class break.
I was lucky (or not) to be there for 4.5 years.. I always call it as a little piece of heaven. Literally, can u name one campus in Jakarta with forrest, river and also sawah? Come to mine! You'll see those.
But I regret I had not done so much there. Blame it to the stupid college love life. I only went to the UI mosque, once. I only went to the Central Library twice, first was the Ospek/Mabim time and last when I had to submit my thesis. I never ride the yellow UI bus. And.. umh.. what else did I miss?
  1. Took pictures on the forrest--> checked
  2. Took pictures on the UI-wood-->checked
  3. Had picnic in front of the famous danau UI--> checked
  4. Memancing at the river (or at least tried to)-->checked
  5. Stayed in Kutek (Kukusan Teknik, rumours said there are alot of pocong there*)--> checked
  6. Stayed at Barel (Balik Rel)--> checked
  7. Ngamen for campus event--> checked
  8. Played card for like 12 hours a day at the canteen? --> checked
  9. Gossipping and being gossiped--> checked
  10. Jogged around UI--> checked
  11. Sepatu copot di tengah melenggang di panggung wisuda --> checked
  12. Yelled and being yelled in front of people to/by one of my (former) bestfriends--> checked
  13. Drove my kopsus car with Yani as my navigator singing Maroon5 songs --> checked
  14. Skipped classes to have haircut at Cikajang --> checked
  15. Set my hair, manicured my nails and dressed up for the "Law of the Sea" class** --> checked
  16. Smoked here, smoked there --> checked
  17. Vodka-ed here, Vodka-ed there--> checked
  18. Kissed here, kissed there--> checked
oh nooo I cannot continue this list... it's too breath taking..
The above picture is me with the yellow jackets with one of my professors, Gouw Giok Siong. I love his books.. alot! I love his diction. From 'dispute starts from the title's page', 'dua orang negro berkelahi di terowongan yang gelap', 'spelbrekker', until 'anjing siberus'.. Aaandd... I am still very proud that he once asked me to come to his law office and I almost got bitten by his dogs. :D
oh well.. sorry if u take this entry as too almamater narcisistic.
*) the reality was.. the Ibu Kos of my bestfriend, Sari, was soooo galak and I had to hide otherwise I would be thrown away from her room
**) because the dosen was sooo ganteng, chubby and berbulu.. hairy big mac ahahhaha


Anonymous said...

Timmmyyyy... I missed Timmmmyyy Soooo muuuuchhh...I miss nito too... Tunggu aku bulan juni ya sayang.. muaahhh!!!!-yanto-

Nita said...

Timmy the comedian car!

Miss de Saire said...

Nit, taun 2003 kita sempet ngadain study banding ke FH UI.. waktu itu gw jadi panitianya n sempet kenal2an ama beberapa anak FH UI juga. Malah sampe ikutan kelas juga loooh, hahaha! trus acara studi ini ditutup dengan jalan2 keliling UI deh, tapi g naik bus kuning itu ;p

Anonymous said...

dosen hukum laut? maksudnya adijaya yusuf??? emang ganteng??? yg jelas sih tuh org gak jelas bgt


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