Cut Long Story Short

I spent 10 hours at the Hospital. Kacruttt!!!! I have deadline today which means I only got 2 hours left and I have no idea about it!

This is like the longest 2 months I have ever had.

To make it looks a little bit shorter, I always see my calendar and followed by taking a deep breath. Whooosahhh... Just wanna share it with u

10 March--> Mbak Ninit b'day
10 March --> Mommy's General Check Up appointment
10 March --> Indian Business Law presentation
10 March --> Discuss the Trade Law outline with le professor
11 March --> Mommy's appointment with her Diabetic doctor
11 March --> Mbak Bebi's farewell
12 March --> Go to Bugis for Acid's plan
19 March --> Tami is supposed to be here
20 March --> Me and tami are supposed to have fun
21 March --> to celebrate easter
22 March --> or do some cullinary journeys
23 March --> setahun sebelas bulan (oh yea I am abg)
23 March --> Tami pulang, me sad
24 March --> dua tahun ketemu pertama (and yea a bit romantic and into detail)
25 March --> Maroon 5 Concert
17 April --> Trade Law paper deadline
17 April --> Land Law and Development paper deadline
19-25 April --> Reading Week
29 April --> Indian Business Law Exam
30 April-5 May --> I need some body and soul refreshment
6 May --> Asta Lavista Singapura!


astried&benget said...

udh nih nit? pulang? ihiiiiyy!

Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

6 May bentar lg tuh sayang..semangat yah..:)


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