Perfect Combination

Trapped in a conversation with one state attorney, his wife and one litigator. The latter is my father. The others are his colleagues. The topic was Morality Crisis in Indonesia.

Im quite sure that I was in heaven back then, when all bad people had already been thrown to hell.

Morality Crisis, Bribery, State Attorney, Fake eyelashes Wife* with oh-so-big diamond ring and a Litigator. Perfect combination.

*)she said "Mbak.. if Om wants to ask for money, I would have 4 Jaguars on my garage you know? Black, Red, Blue and Yellow..." Holy crap!


astried&benget said...

puss!! aku barusan dihadapi dgn kenyataan hidup di indonesia yg semakin lama semakin busuk

go to hell bgt deh manusia2 busuk

Nita said...

kenapa kamu cid? kita lanjut di ym/msn yahh


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