Gundah Gulana

Can think nothing, can write nothing, can read nothing.

In addition to that, while I was trying to start my work, my mom asked me, "iku sinau opo dolanan?" which means "what r u doing? r u studying or just playing?"

Oh.. my dear momma.. how long have we been known each other? more than 25 years I suppose.. why oh why are u still doing that to me? you know I will never accept those words. you know what i'll be doing after ur words rite...? i'll take a shower and just go without touching any of those stupid books. Oh mommy... I dont wanna do that! I only have 3 weeks to go.

Please.. erase those words from my memory oh my dear grey cells. I hate it and she should have been known that. :( I need to write some words on those 8000 word limit papers!



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