Pejantan Tangguh

Do you know why I love my BF very much?
Because he is "tangguh"

Oh well... speaking about tangguh.. coincidently, the words "pejantan tangguh" was our ice-breaker around these days 2 years ago. So, he was here, Singapore, and I was there, H.R Rasuna Said. Thanks to MSN messenger. After two days of MSN-ing, he finished his work here and planned to go back to Jakarta. He seemed to love a song from Sheila on 7, Pejantan Tangguh. He was a bit norax by saying "nit lo suka ga lagu pejantan tangguh" haiyaaaa norak bener dah... So I sometimes teased him as pejantan tangguh.

Getting Through To Her: Puspita, besok gua balik nih
puspita_hs: oh ya? asik dong.. jam berapa?
Getting Through To Her: Pesawat paling pagi nih
puspita_hs: oo.. ok.. bangun pagi dong ya?
Getting Through To Her: iya nih.. bangunin dong
puspita_hs: hah? katanya pejantan tangguh...? :p
Getting Through To Her: hahhaha.. pejantan tangguh juga mao lah nit sekali sekali dibangunin*

Okay baby.. thats it! I had not seen u back then... but... you got me at that line!

So, the next day.. of course I did not wake him up. Oh no way baby!

A few weeks ago, I experienced another ketangguhan of him when I nagged "miiill here is blabla and there is blabal" on sms. He replied "ok kepik.. blablabla aja dulu nanti aku blablabal". And I nagged "hah? nag nag nag". He said "hahaha ok kepik kamu blablabla aja". And I hyperventilated.

*)now my MSN status



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