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I’m passionate about:

  • my boyfriend

  • chicken feet

  • good fiction

  • biography

  • teh tarik

  • japanese food

  • stalking

Mostly I say:

  • bujut

  • bebeee

  • miiilll

  • book

  • cung

  • anjrittt.. (dimarahin mamah setiap ngomong kata ini)

I've just finished reading...

  • blog?
  • chatbox

(InsyaAllah) before I die, I want to...

  • have a goood vacation with le princess
  • dance

I love listening to:

  • my BF's first hello
  • gossips
  • my mom's stories
  • and gossips
  • friends' problems

What my friends like about me:[not sure how to answer this one]

  • my straightforward approaches
  • my easy going attitude

Last year ['08] I've learned...

  • to reach another steps in life, you have to argue.. alot! and cry.. a little bit

If it's not too much trouble, I want to tag:
Mbak Ninit


Wiratama Somiadiredja said...

how do i play this tag game kepik?:)

Nita said...

just do the copy paste game bebee

neng said...

mira jg ditag aku sayang :) hehehe


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