Nesting Instinct

Got this message from BabyCenter weekly email this morning:

Do you have an uncontrollable urge to clean and organize every drawer and closet in your house? Have you stenciled every last inch of the nursery? The nesting instinct has kicked in! It's fun preparing for your baby, but don't exhaust yourself. Baby clothes don't need to be ironed – really.

So here I am, welcoming 36 weeks (9 months!) of my blissful pregnancy in this  messy room:
This room contains  (i) 2010 calendar; (ii) a used fruit knife, (iii) an also used bread knife stolen from  Grand Hyatt; (iv) a half full of Aqua that has been sitting on the right hand side of my monitor for like, 1 month (?); (v) a book titled '1001 little ways to look younger'; (vi) pens inside my notepads; (vii) coins everywhere; (viii) Japan Green Tea that has been sitting on the same spot since 2 years ago; (ix) bday cards from Tumbelina year 2006 with a little note that says: "Sayang, Met ulang tahun yah, udah 24 tahun kamu, udah bukan gadis kecil lagi :) " loooveee ittt! (x) a lollipop condom (!); and (xi) I'm sure there must be my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour lying somewhere beneath the papers.. Where where where?

Dear nesting instinct, where are thou?


nyiell said...

36 weeks? wow, counting down d days yaa.. semoga lancar sampe hari H! :)

Nita said...

Thank u yaaa... Aminnn. Aminnn... Tegang euy :)


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